1 Runtime scheduling: theory and reality

视频链接。 开场讲了一个有意思的benchmark context switch的小问题,线程从active到idle的cost也不可忽略。接着提到了ftrace和perf在dynamic trace kernel中的用处。 最有意思的就是比较golang和erlang的scheduler的实现, 以及对程序运行的影响。go程序的throughput会比较高,但variance会比较大。erlang程序的latency更稳定。

2 傅國湧:尋找真相就是尋找未來

视频链接。 2013年8月18日上海当代艺术博物馆的「一席」演讲,什么是历史,以及他的乐趣。




3 从报纸中发现真相,的确是个难以掌握的本领

文章链接。微信公众号「新闻实验室」2016年10月3日的文章, 推荐罗素的「为民主育人」。

So that you have two opposite tasks: to cause people not to believe when there is no reason, and  also to cause them to believe when there is reason. The credulity and the incredulity are exactly wrong in the natural man. I think if there is any department for original sin, it is perhaps in this direction, in the ways in which we come to believe and to disbelieve things.